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5 Advanced Features to Update Your Taxi App

So, your Northwich Taxi business is displaying slow-moving yet constant development with trips taking place regularly. Nevertheless, with the market being ruled by unpredictable consumers and brand-new app-based taxi services standing out everywhere, it has become an arduous task to develop a lasting service. How can your taxi app up the stake in this heavily-competitive taxi company environment?

By adding innovative attributes to your Taxi Salford application, your business can supply an enhanced experience that persuades them to favour your solution each time.

Allows take a look at the six essential functions of a modern-day application:

Scheduled Rides

Most taxi booking software application lets cyclists request a taxi right away. Nonetheless, lately, app-based taxi solutions have released the idea of setting up rides. Right here, the biker can schedule a taxi for half an hour to a month in advance by offering the pickup and drop-off area and the moment and the date of the trip.

Favourite/Saved Locations

Every guest who has requested a taxi on an application can express how frustrating it is to offer the drop-off place for the areas they see routinely. Passengers commute to work, a fitness center, their child’s school and travel back home every day. By incorporating the choice to save places, you can make your consumers’ booking experience much easier!


The idea of carpooling may have been popularized for minimizing the carbon footprint; it has long been favored for reducing fares. Leading gamers have embraced this idea for some time now, and it can be a lucrative decision for your taxi app. Allow your consumers to share their ride with other passengers taking a trip parallel to pay more affordable prices than the typical.

Book a taxi for your contacts

There have been many instances where we have asked for a taxi on behalf of our parents, grandparents or anyone else who either does not own software or isn’t in the placement to hail one by themselves. Among the recent features adopted by taxis, the application is to allow consumers to book a trip for their contacts. Before the reservation procedure, clients can inform who will be hailing the taxi and add calls from their address book. As soon as the reservation is validated, the call will certainly receive a message which can be used for hailing the service.

SOS/Emergency Button

Security has ended up being a climbing problem for travellers. Your taxi company can instil safety protocols by integrating an emergency switch into your application. The rider can press the SOS switch during emergency scenarios to send their existing place to the selected calls, thus establishing complacency for the guests.