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6 Mistakes That Your Google Ad Campaign Must Be Free From

The digital marketing space is constantly evolving, and what once worked for you now may be against you. Even the most sophisticated marketers can make mistakes in Google Ads. Google advertising (and performance marketing in general) is about to collapse, as most businesses are actually using the wrong metrics. A new approach is needed that can lead to better decision making and the companies that adopt it will have a competitive advantage and move faster to market.

The current ways of using Google Advertising need to be redesigned and in this post we will show you the most common Google advertising errors and how to fix them. Google ads can be one of the most profitable channels for businesses to increase leads and sales. If your Google ads aren’t getting the results you expect, chances are you’re doing it wrong. As a PPC Company In Delhi, they understand the value of every penny invested in your advertising campaigns.

Overspending on poorly performing campaigns is nothing short of a digital marketer’s nightmare.If you want to set up an effective advertising campaign that will help you generate leads in the market, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:The 6 Google Ads Campaign Mistakes You Should Avoid

1) Incompatible Keywords:

Irrelevant keywords or keywords with low search volume are not good for your Quality Score (Google assigns a Quality Score between 0 and 10. You should always aim for a 7 or better.). If you can’t reach your desired score, it’s time to review your keyword usage and choices.

Limit keyword usage by ad group. Too many keywords may involve keywords and ad copies are unrelated. Put a pause button on keywords that aren’t converting. Start your keyword research again and add new high volume keywords. Finally, use keyword matches appropriately. To drive impressions, broad matches are best, and to drive conversions, use phrases and exact matches.

2) Lack of negative keywords:

Let’s face it, Google isn’t perfect. Even if you try to use the most relevant keywords, your ads may show up on irrelevant searches. For example, a company’s ad promoting marketing software may appear for a variety of keywords such as free marketing software or free marketing software. Now this may not be relevant to the researcher looking for free marketing software.

Negative keywords must be used wisely to prevent irrelevant searches from triggering your ads and ensuring good traffic to your site. With the help of ppc services in India, look for broad, phrase, or exact match negative items for your ad group or campaign. For example, if you could add “free” as a negative keyword to your marketing software, Google will prevent your ad from appearing in searches containing that keyword. This will save you money and improve your overall campaign.

3) Not using extensions:

Your ad text is incomplete if you don’t use the correct ad extensions. These help customers easily navigate your site and act quickly. That’s not all, it also makes your ad more memorable and attracts more clicks. Given that Google has reported an average CTR increase of 10-15% due to ad extensions, this is definitely a must-have part of your advertising message.

Learn about the different types of ad extension options and add them based on your business needs. When in doubt, hairline extensions are almost always your best bet. This tip is something that only the best ppc company in India can guarantee.

4) Lack of optimized targeting:

Proper targeting can be very helpful in targeting your ads to the audience that is most likely to convert. This also means saving on clicks that don’t convert. PPC Company In Noida will Select the targeting strategies based on your business goals. You can refine your audience using location, audience, and device targeting.

For example, if you want to serve local customers in your area, you can choose location targeting. This ensures that you don’t pay for clicks from other places you can’t reach. Plus, if your customers are always on the go, it can be easier to reach customers via mobile instead of desktop.

5) Redirect to the home page:

Directing users to the homepage of your website, rather than the specific web page, is one of the mistakes that e-commerce companies often make. While you can navigate to the relevant webpage from the home page, directing users to the home page can hurt your Quality Score and is therefore a complete NO-NO.

If you have an ecommerce store that sells clothing and your ad is for “women’s clothing”, your ads should redirect to the women’s clothing page instead of your website’s home page. Don’t forget to link your ads to a directly relevant page and if you are not much familiar with this get in touch with the ppc company in India for best results.

6) Don’t split your ad:

When composing your ad copy, you’re not 100% sure what works best. You may have a guess or a guess, but working only on estimates will get you nowhere. As a reputable PPC company based in Mumbai and Pune, we recommend that you test your ads regularly and make sure you don’t let conversions slip through existing gaps.

Fortunately, Google allows you to split tests with more than one ad at a time. This way you can run two concurrent ad texts in parallel for each ad group at the same time. Ideally, the ad that gets 25 to 40 clicks over a period of time can be considered good enough most of the time. You can also quickly test other variants.Once you’ve determined which ad is performing the best, create a new one to compete with the winner and let the process continue.


Your ads need to target the right people. This way you can increase your traffic, generate better leads and increase sales.And you need to set a long-term goal, not just a short-term one. If your goal is just to get quality clicks on your landing page, you’re missing out. Remember that lifetime customer value does not depend on the initial conversion rate, but on what happens after they become customers.

Running successful Google Ads campaigns is no ordinary task. Many believe that spending more money can mean better results. However, this is not true. Only with enough practice and exposure can you master the powerful campaign marketing tool.If this all sounds too daunting, consider seeking help from professional experts who can do all the hard work for you.You really don’t have to go far for this. Get in touch with a PPC Company In Noida. The experts there will guide you through the rough terrain of Google’s ad campaigns and get optimal results.