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7 Ways to Make Your Living Room Cozier

All the rooms in your home, the living room is perhaps the one that you feel the most relaxed in. The whole idea of a living room is to be a place that you can retreat to and feel completely relaxed and at ease.

Regardless of the place that you currently call home, there are endless ways to make your living room feel even cozier. If you were to upgrade any of your rooms first, we would hands down recommend doing the living room first. Simply put, there are so many living room hacks that can instantly transform the space into a restful retreat that you look forward to going into every day.

From changing the color of the wall to adding in a ton of blankets and throws, you will have so much fun upgrading your living room. To help you get started, we have rounded up the top  designer tips to get you inspired and planning out solutions that fit in line with your own budget.

1. Utilize Dark Colors

While having bright and airy colors is something that can certainly benefit creating a warm space, don’t neglect the dark colors too. In fact, using dark colors in a living room is perhaps one of the best ways to make it feel even cozier. The darker shades will make you want to cuddle up more and seek warmth. So while there is still room for the shades of white, don’t forget about the shades of chocolate and mustard too.

2. Change the Layout

Sometimes all that really needs to be done to a living room to make it feel even cozier is to change the actual layout of it. Play around with moving where the furniture is located and how much free space there is. A great way to transform the layout of a living room is by using a large rug to re-frame the room. This will help also provide visual cues for where the furniture should all line up as well and ensure that everyone still feels connected when in the space.

3. Use Lots of Blankets and Throws

Nothing screams cozy more than using a lot of blankets and throws as décor in a living room. They not only transform the look of the furniture they are styled on but provide a real layer of warmth and comfort to anyone that wants to relax in the living room. The best part is, that there are a variety of sizes and styles for blankets and throws, meaning it won’t be hard to find some that really do suit the space.

4. Change the Lighting

Another visual cue for making your living room look cozier is to change out the lighting. Often, the harsher and more intense lights can make a space feel overwhelming. Consider using ambient lights that are not as intense for your living room. The softer tones of light will really transform the mood of the room. Also, play around with using floor or wall lamps to provide layers of lights—you do not have to solely rely on the ceiling lights to do the trick.

5. Invest in Great Furniture

Of course, one of the best ways to transform a living room into a cozy retreat is to equally have cozy furniture to lounge on. The couch is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture for a living room so you want it to be as comfortable as it looks. If your space allows for it, bigger is generally better as it makes it look more inviting and will equally support creating a cozy space when hosting guests too.

6. Make a Cozy Corner

If you do not have the budget or space to completely transform your entire living room, focus on simply creating a cozy corner in your living room. This will allow you to focus on the basics and do so really well. A great approach to making a cozy corner is to get a really comfortable armchair layered with blankets and throws, showcase a collection of books and add in some plants and a lamp. This will likely become your new favorite place in the whole house.

7. Have Fun with Textures

A space can really be elevated with texture. So a great way to enhance your living room is to choose texture and textiles that elevate the atmosphere to be cozy. This can be done by the fabrics you choose, the layers and depth of décor you create, and even the type of floor rug you choose.


Turning your living room into a cozy haven is something that you can easily accomplish with these seven tips and tricks. Whether you add more blankets and throws or get a new floor rug, your living room will become the ultimate retreat for comfort.