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Amazing ways to display your children’s artwork

We all know that our kids bring home pills of artwork throughout the year, and Christmas time is no exception! So, rather than letting your child’s drawings cover your fridge door or be left for the recycling leaving you feeling guilty, we thought we would explore some fun and easy ways to display them.

With the vast quantities kids make and the different types of artwork they try out, from macaroni masterpieces to Picasso-inspired family pictures, it can sometimes feel a bit daunting figuring out how to display it all, right?

Not to worry! We have summed up the top 7 tried and tested ways to display even the wackiest of artwork pieces.

  1. Frames, Frames, Frames

Using a frame can combine your child’s colourful outpour with a professional touch! Pairing black wall frames with your children’s art can emphasise the picture without taking away from it with a bright frame and often provides a little more elegance to the look.

Frames are also convenient for any 3D artwork your children do. Just pop out the glass or plastic covering, and you won’t need to worry about their precious masterpieces becoming squashed or broken. Plus, they can be displayed on your wall or a fireplace.

  1. Gallery Walls

A gallery wall is perfect for those looking to stylishly display their children’s artwork in the least expensive way. You don’t need tons of frames or a fancy set up to make a gallery wall out of your child’s artwork. All you’re going to need is a little bit of string, some nails and your old clothespins. You can even make this one fun for you and your kids by making it a DIY project where your children can paint the string and clothespins before hanging up the drawings.

  1. Clipboard Art

Clipboards are great if you want to do a quick changeover of artwork for each season (or each time your child creates something new). You simply put a clipboard up on your wall or window sill, and viola! Clip in the drawings, and you’re good to go.

  1. Decals

If you’re a fan of frames but don’t have the space to invest in expensive ones, you can use some temporary decal frames to bring your child’s artwork to life! Or even create your own frames with coloured tape. Then hang your kid’s artwork on the wall with pins. Simple, yet effective.

  1. Turn it into something useful

Want a way to display your children’s artwork without having your walls coated in paintings? Then this option is perfect for you. You can take your children’s art and turn it into something you use, such as a pillow, mug or coaster. It may be the most pricey out of all of the options, but it’s still a great way to showcase your kid’s art without the clutter.

So there you have it, five foolproof ways to display your children’s artwork and declutter your fridge door.