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Are 4D number plates legal?

When you wish to personalize your car and make it visually appealing, you will come across numerous options. But, among these options, many people prefer using 4D number plates. So, in this article, we will cover more about 4D number plates and whether they are legal. As you read ahead, you will also know more about various regulations and what you need to consider before setting up such a kind of plate.

What must you know about 4D number plates?

In today’s world, having a valid number plate is always necessary when you want to drive your vehicle legally. So, when you are about to fit a registration plate, ensure that the background color is either white or yellow for the plates. But, this color will depend on where you fit the number plate.

Moreover, when you want to present the letters on the plate, they should appear in black and prominent. Many people use an adhesive to stick the letters rather than printing them on the plate. Additionally, you must also ensure that the letters are in the ‘Charles Wright’ font. Regarding the character’s size, it should be 79mm in height and 50mm across the width.

Is it legal to fit a 4D number plate on your vehicle?

According to many laws, the use of 4D number plates can create some sort of confusion. While it’s not illegal to have raised and prominent letters on the plate, people who use 4D plates can land up in deep trouble with the police. However, if the letters don’t appear clearly from certain angles, then it’s considered to be illegal.

On the contrary, the designers stick the letters with an adhesive, so there are greater chances of the letters falling off the plate’s surface. At the end, when the letters or numbers fall off, you will be moving around the city with a vehicle with an incomplete number plate.

What rules do you have to follow with number plates?

In the UK, the number plates must always meet certain criteria. Such kind of criteria is laid down by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). So, let’s quickly go through the criteria one after the other.

  • When you observe a number plate, ensure that the company has designed it from reflective material.
  • The number plate must clearly show the name of who has offered the plate. Moreover, the number plate should not have a background pattern.
  • Every number plate must have a British Standard number which is nothing but ‘BS AU 145e’. People have started following this rule only after 1st September 2021.
  • When you want to fit the number plate towards the front end of the vehicle, then the letters must be black and stuck on a white background. However, for the rear end, you must ensure that the background is yellow.

Now, if you’re wondering where you can get such kinds of plates, you can get them from many retailers. Once you search on Google, you will come across many retailers near your location. But, before selecting a number plate, ensure they are designed per British Standards. When you are about to get the number plate, you also have to show an ID and the V5C logbook.


It’s not illegal to use 4D number plates if you’re driving a vehicle in the UK. But, if the letters are not visible from different angles, you will get into trouble. Besides, there are a few rules that you have to follow when you want to get a number plate.

On the other hand, the background colour should be white or yellow, depending on the area you wish to fit the plate. Most importantly, you must also ensure that the plate has been designed according to British Standards. Every company must print ‘BS AU 145e’ on the surface of the number plate.