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BBQs Invites You to Check Out the Premier Portable Charcoal Grill

BBQs 2u is one of the UK’s leading Independent retailers for all the top brands like Kamado Joe, Napolean barbeque products Ooni pizza ovens and Masterbuilt gravity grills.

The business was started two decades ago and they are very passionate about barbeques and grilling, willing to share their knowledge with each one of us.

Not only do they have barbeques, but also have accessories to sell for your perfect cooking. They are assured to give you the best quality products along with great customer service.

One of their finest product is the MasterBuilt Portable BBQs with a cart. It can give you that unmatched charcoal flavour which can be cooked at the right temperature just with the use of gas.

You can cook anything from eggs to steaks at temperature ranges of 250 to 550 degrees F.

The Masterbuilt portable charcoal grill is having a cooking space of 200 sq. inches. It has a lockable lid that helps move the grill without any need to dispose of the ashes on-site.

It also has two side shelves that enable you to have extra space for preparation along with the beverage holders.

This charcoal grill doesn’t require coals to get your grill to maintain the right temperature but it has a feature called “SteadyTemp” that can help maintain the required temperature for a minimum of 4 hours.

Another important feature that this griller has is the removable “Quickcollapse” cart that makes it unchallenging to open or fold it back.

The best part about this product is that it can work on electricity as well as on a cord set of 4 (AA) batteries that can work for around 6 hours. It is also very lightweight which makes it easy to transport it as and when required.

This product comes with the charcoal mini hopper at the side, which can carry around 1.5 lbs of charcoal that can burn up to 4 hours with use.

The capacity of this charcoal grill can cook up to 3 chickens or 15 sausages or 9 burgers. This means it is perfect for cooking for a couple or even for a larger group.

The width, height, length, and weight of this product are 69cm, 91.6cm, 47.5cm, and 17kg respectively.

This master built charcoal grill works in a similar manner to the gravity series cooker. It works by loading the side mini hopper with chunks of charcoal as required and then lighting the fire with the help of firestarters.

You can then set the temperature and the onboard fan inside will light up the fire giving you the perfect grilling experience at the right temperature.

The positive point of having a handy dial that is present in front of the cooker it can let you set the temperature that will go from low to high within minutes.

Well, this is a great friend for you when you are on a picnic on a beach, garden or campsite that will fit in a lesser space area.

Shipping and delivery will be done at the right time without any delay or damage to the product.

They are the best in after-sales customer support too. For more details, you can check their website to understand more about their products.