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Best TV Remotes with Voice Control

Advanced technology has allowed us to get rid of the large collection of remotes dedicated to each media player or entertainment device in our homes. Thanks to smart technology and voice-controlled TVs and remotes, we can say goodbye to the old days of finding the right remote for our TV. With just our voice commands, we can have our TV sets get switched on, change channels, control volume and do so much more. But of course, we need the right remote with the right compatibility first. Here are the best TV remotes reviewed for you.

Reviews of the Best TV Remotes with Voice Controls

Here are some of the best TV remotes that have voice control and many other important features in them!

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub, and App

Compatibility: all Alexa-compatible devices

Logitech has made a big name for itself in the smart tech industry. And without fail, this Harmony Elite remote control is one of its best releases so far. The remote is the ultimate entertainment controller that you need in your life. It works with all Alexa-controlled or compatible devices, so it’s perfect for your smart home.

The most impressive part about this voice-enabled remote control is its touch screen panel. Instead of keypads on half the remote, there is a touchscreen that lets you navigate through different menus and features. With this, when you use the voice-command feature, everything looks advanced and complete.

Its Alexa-compatibility allows you to control more than just your TV. While it is primarily for use with TVs and soundbars, you can also use it to voice control smart lights, speakers, motion sensors, thermostats, and much more. The only condition is that these smart devices must be compatible with or have built-in Alexa.

And if these features were not enough, here is one last thing you need to hear about the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control. This remote control comes with rechargeable batteries. Plus, there is a charging station that makes sure your remote is always charged and ready to use!

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs

Compatibility: Roku TV and brands like TCL, Hisense, Sharp

In the smart TV industry, Roku is a market-leading name that everyone knows about. The company has launched many types of media players and devices over the years, all the while partnering with companies like TCL and Hisense to create the best experience for its customers. So, if you have a Roku TV set, TCL, or Hisense in your home, you are bound to invest in this top-notch voice-enabled remote control.

This Roku Voice Remote has a compact and simple design. It comes with dedicated buttons for “Netflix” and “Hulu” that take you to the app directly. It can be used with all your Roku media players, all on a budget. It is compatible with most TVs with its regular-remote buttons such as volume control and channel changing. However, on non-Roku TVs, the voice control function does not work.

Unlike many smart remote controls, this one does not come with a rechargeable battery. This rids you from the hassle of keeping it charged, or else it will not be usable at all.

Fire TV Cube

Compatibility: all Alexa-compatible devices

The Fire TV Cube does not look like your ordinary household TV remote. It’s in a cube and has literally no ordinary-looking buttons or keypad that you are used to. This is what allows the Fire TV Cube to offer you a fully hands-free and comfortable experience.

Since the device is from Amazon, you must use it with Alexa-enabled devices only. Otherwise, there is no point in investing in this remote control device. You can use it to integrate it with your smart lights, speakers, and any such smart home device. It also works as a streaming device since it has built-in apps, like Netflix and Hulu.

Besides working as a remote control for your whole smart home and a streaming device, it also works as a speaker. You can play music on it through the Spotify app or even YouTube. And all of this can be done without having the device connected to your TV all the time!

The best part about any smart device is that it can multitask and get multiple things done at a time. This is what the Fire TV Cube proves with its all-rounder functionality!

Gvirtue Universal Voice Remote Control for Samsung TV

Compatibility: All Samsung smart TVs

Many people are still not comfortable investing in technology by relatively new names such as Roku, TCL, and even Amazon Fire TV streaming devices. This is why smart TVs from brands like Samsung are still such a huge hit, no matter how expensive they may be.

So, if you are also one of those old-schoolers with a smart Samsung TV in your home, get your hands on the Gvirtue Universal Voice Remote Control for Samsung TV! It is the perfect replacement for all your bulky and old Samsung TV remotes that come with the TVs by default.

This remote not only has voice control in it, but many other important features such as its Netflix, Prime Video, and Samsung TV Plus buttons. The remote is made out of recycled ABS plastic, so you can be sure that your entertainment and tech needs are not in any way harming the environment.

Wrapping it Up!

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