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Denver’s Most Popular Attractions

Visitors to the Rockies might begin their journey in Denver, where they can spend a day driving up the Mount Evans Scenic Byway or visiting a local zip line course for a mountain adventure. However, set aside some time to explore everything that the Mile High City is full of: Denver is home to a slew of museums, galleries, and eateries. Families may spend hours exploring the Denver Museum of Nature & Science or the Denver Zoo; at Mile High, sports fans flock to the lights of Coors Field and Empower Field. Spend some time at Larimer Square for a sense of historic Denver, as well as a chance to try some of the city’s food and, of course, beer. Choose one of the Things to Do in Denver tours for help exploring the city’s must-see attractions and to gain some local knowledge.

Larimer Square is a public space in Denver, Colorado.

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in 1858, a group of American Indians and settlers discovered gold. People began to pick up and travel west after learning of their discovery on the East Coast. The beautiful area currently known as Larimer Square developed out of the first pioneer camp (called as Auraria at the time). Despite the fact that the city has grown since then, this historic area retains the heart and soul of Denver, and some say it is the best spot to start your Denver adventure. Many of the greatest Denver tours include a stop here as well. The area’s various restaurants, boutiques as well as entertainment venues, according to recent visitors, make Larimer Square a hive of activity at all times.

Park and Amphitheatre at Red Rocks

Red Rocks Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts because of its spectacular vistas of the Rocky Mountains, miles of hiking paths, and cinnamon-hued sandstone cliffs. This magnificent park, which spans 700 acres, allows visitors to witness the interesting geographic transition between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. If you just have a limited period of time here, take a walk along the Trading Post Trail, which winds among the rust-colored buttes and provides some beautiful vistas. Before leaving, visitors are advised to visit the visitor center, it contains information about the park’s history as well as its pathways.

In Denver, Colorado, you’ll find the Denver Zoo.

The Denver Zoo is based on a Kenyan wildlife park, is home to over 4,000 species, including tigers, black rhinos, kangaroos, and orangutans. This magnificent facility, which spans 80 acres of City Park, offers a variety of opportunities to see our furry, feathery, and reptile companions. Visit Predator Ridge, a recreated African savanna, to witness hyenas, lions, and African dogs, or Primate Panorama to see monkeys swinging from tree branches, or the Tropical Discovery Center to observe colorful animals such as Panamanian golden frogs and green tree pythons. A visit to the nursery, as well as a trip on the zoo’s train and carousel, may provide an overdose of cuteness.

The Denver Museum of Natural History and Science is a place that you may learn about the natural world.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science promotes learning in the young and the young at heart with displays ranging from dinosaur bones to Egyptian mummies. This remarkable institution includes items from anthropology, biology, geology, health sciences, paleontology, and space research, among other fields. The wildlife exhibit, which has more than 90 habitat scenarios with information on species from all over the world, from Alaska to Australia, is one of the most popular. Meanwhile, the interactive Space Odyssey section transports visitors to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond.