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Features to Look For in Water Sports Sunglasses

Do you love to get out on the water? Whether you’re a dedicated sailing enthusiast, an avid surfer, or just someone who loves to take a dip every once in a while, having the right equipment can make all the difference. When it comes to sunglasses for your water sports activities, there are some key features that you should look for. Don’t just buy standard sunglasses that you either break or lose in the first session!

Polarized Lens

The first feature to look for in water sports sunglasses is polarized lenses. Polarized lenses help reduce glare and sun reflection, which can be very strong on open water. This helps improve your vision and overall safety when you’re engaging in water sports activities, as well as helps you prevent eye fatigue and strain due to squinting in bright conditions.

Antifog Coating and Vents

Elsewhere, another great feature to look for in water sports sunglasses is an antifog coating and vents. An antifog coating helps prevent fogging of the lenses, which can be dangerous if you don’t have a clear vision when you’re engaging in a water sport. Additionally, vents help reduce fogging by allowing air to circulate around the lenses.

Durability and Comfort

Next, when you’re shopping for water sports sunglasses it’s important to ensure that they are durable, strong, and comfortable. Look for frames that won’t wear down easily, as well as materials like polycarbonate or TR90. Additionally, make sure that the frames fit your face comfortably and securely, so they won’t slip off during your activity. The more comfortable they are, the more enjoyable your water sports will become.

Floating Mechanism

Water sports sunglasses should also have a floating mechanism, which is designed to prevent them from sinking if they come off your face during the activity. Some frames come with built-in floating mechanisms, while others are designed to be compatible with a separate accessory. If you plan on doing a lot of water sports, make sure to get a pair that comes with a floating mechanism.

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Anti-Scratch Coating

Next, an anti-scratch coating is another important feature to consider when choosing lenses for your water sports activities. The coating prevents the lens from being scratched by sand and other particles while in the water. With the best glasses, the lenses will come with a high-quality anti-scratch coating, so you can enjoy optimal clarity and sharpness during your activities.

Lens Colors

Furthermore, the lens color you choose can also make a difference. For example, gray lenses reduce the amount of light that passes through the lens, making them great for bright days on the water. On the other hand, yellow or amber lenses will boost contrast and depth perception in low-light situations such as an early morning or cloudy weather. So, depending on your typical conditions on the water, you’ll want to consider which lens color is best for your preferences.

Choosing Sunglasses for Water Sports

In summary, there are a few important features to consider when choosing sunglasses for water sports. You should look at lens durability, polarization and UV protection, frame construction and fit, and lens colors that work best in your typical conditions. Once you’ve taken all of these factors into consideration, you’ll be better prepared to make the most out of your glasses. For an added benefit, use floating sunglasses and you’ll never lose them again.