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Four Items to Upgrade Your Children’s Room

As many parents lament, there is no instruction manual for taking care of babies or children.  The only true litmus test parents have is a passionate bout of wailing from babies at worst and a moody silent treatment from teenagers at best.  Communication skills are the last to develop fully such that many adults struggle in social situations, let alone children, so if you are a parent, then you might need to take the initiative: What do your children want?  Furthermore, there is a question that only you can ultimately discern: What do your children need?  Uncovering what children need may be easier because their needs are so fundamental, but in case you may be scratching your head over what is most useful, then here are a few great suggestions from the experts.

Room Humidifiers

A room humidifier is a low-maintenance investment that might move mountains for children with allergies.  Simply fill the room humidifier with a little more than a gallon of water and allow it to do the rest of the work.  Over the course of a little beyond 48 hours, your children will enjoy occasional bursts of refreshingly cool air that can help to alleviate the effects of either allergies or benign communicable afflictions.  From better sleep to healthier skin, a cool mist humidifier offers many benefits while remaining silent and maintaining itself: When it runs out of water, it stops running, so no energy is wasted.  While younger children might be potentially puzzled by its ostensible purpose, a cool mist humidifier can be particularly beneficial to them in ways they may not appreciate.  The most modern humidifiers have no need for filters, so there is no need to purchase anything beyond humidifiers themselves.  Some have little trays that allow you to infuse several drops of calming essential oils into the emitted mist, which may be effective against bedtime protests as well as solicitations for bedtime stories.  A humidifier may be as helpful for you as it is for your kids, so be sure to consider the investment.

Bunk Beds

There is a reason why adults continue to do this once they are off to college.  The novelty of bunk beds is that, indeed, there is so much room for activities, as long as you do not attempt the construction of DIY bunk beds with hockey sticks or other unstable elements.  For roommates in college as well as siblings who share a room, bunk beds may be a great way to save space and necessarily resolve any subconscious tension between the two.  As siblings grow, they will fight less, but while they fit in bunk beds, it may be a good idea to employ bunk beds against the tension inherent to limited space.

Standing Desks

For those with older kids, consider a productive gift for your teen preparing for the SATs. On top of being sleekly modern and unobtrusive, “standing” desks actually stand in that they rise and lower via a simple motorized mechanism.  This allows for your teen to stand at the desk every once in a while so that he or she can avoid cramps, tightness, and the general discomfort of sitting still.  The standing mechanism never jams, the materials of standing desks are durable and resistant to scratching.  As standing desks look good and, less directly, feel good, your student will immediately see the value in his or her new standing desk.


When books are out of your childrens’ sight, they are out of your childrens’ mind.  Bookcases offer a great method of storing books and displaying them at the same time so that one of your children might be inclined to pick them out instead of playing video games all day.  Video games can be fun and stimulating, but they can place a lot of strain on childrens’ eyes.  More children grow up around screens than ever before, so limiting kids’ time in front of screens is important for preserving ophthalmological health.  Books also help your children learn in ways that video games cannot.  Whether you are a child or an adult, books can expand your vocabulary, make you a better writer, help you empathize or connect with the world, aid you in public speaking, and make you easier to talk to.  No one has to read 24/7, but no one can doubt reading’s effectiveness in making us well-rounded people.  While a bookcase is no book, it may display books in such a way as to make sure those books are pulling their weight.  Whether your children like reading or not, it is an important activity for children to master, and as long as we are children, there is always room for improvement.  Many college students struggle when professors ask them to read aloud.