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Funny Beer Shirts – 4 Great Instances of Beer T T-shirts with Amusing Phrases

Beer t-shirts normally are available in two different forms; there are those that market different brand names of beer, and then there are those sorts of beer t-shirts with amusing sayings. There are numerous cool instances of the former kind of beer shirts Australia, yet this particular short article concerns the last, particularly those beer t-shirts with amusing sayings.

Funny beer t-shirts have always been a preferred genre of tee t-shirts and are excellent and safe fun when worn on an evening out with the children. They are a great way of directing fun at ourselves and even making an important statement, yet with a funny spin so as not to sound too pompous.

Below are 4 of my preferred beer tee shirts, which you should certainly put in the time to look into as opportunities for wearing down the bar the following time you go out with the guys.

Appeal remains in the eye of the beer holder.

This is a traditional play on the popular saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is primarily one more take on the “Beer Goggles” concept because as you get even more intoxicated with alcohol, more eye-catching participants of the opposite sex will certainly appear to you.

The white tee shirt consists of a picture of a female behind the scenes and a hand holding an empty glass of beer in the foreground. The parts of the females not covered by the glass appear in grey and reveal a less-than-attractive girl, while the parts of the ladies covered by the glass show a stunning beauty in colour. This is an extremely smart beer t t-shirt where you promptly get the joke.

Who The Heck Is Drinking My Beer?

This is just one of those timeless beer t t-shirts with amusing expressions. It contains a black tee shirt with a glass of beer and lots of text, which describes the saying regarding your glass being either fifty per cent empty or half complete. That is to state, are you pessimistic in life or optimistic? The punch-line is that the wearer is certainly not interested in reflections such as that but is much more concerned with who has been drinking his beer. Visit here for more information beer snorkel Australia.

Beer – It’s Cheaper Than Gas

This is a black tee shirt with the words “Beer” written throughout it in a huge red font style, adhered to by the phrase “It’s Cheaper Than Gas. Consume … Do Not Drive”. This is quite a political tee shirt, in so much that it is a dig at increasing gas rates, albeit very finely veiled via a funny beer tee shirt. There is also a use word on the expression “Don’t Drink and Drive”.

Save the Planet: It’s the Only One with Beer

This is an additional beer t-shirt with a message, albeit a tongue as well as cheek one, as well as this moment, it is one concerning the setting. It is a white tee shirt with visuals personifying the world by giving him arms, in which he is holding 2 pints of beer. The political statement “Save The World” is written in a big black typeface across the tee, adhered to by the punch-line, “It’s the Just One with Beer!”, written in a far smaller font style.