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Growing Your Plants Using The Advanced Hugelkultur Technique

Do you know about Vego Garden’s products? You are drawn to our garden beds, but since you have never gardened before, you need to learn more about gardening. If such is the case, we are available to assist you. We can walk you step-by-step through the entire gardening process. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to plant galvanized metal raised beds all by yourself.

How To Build a Raised Garden Bed On Your Own?

Customers frequently complain that they have no idea how to fill garden beds with soil. It will be too pricey for you to fill an entire bed with soil. Therefore, we assist you in getting the topsoil for raised flower beds. Typically, we advise filling the beds using the Hugelkultur technique. This phrase, which is German, truly refers to “mountain or hill culture.” Therefore, it works well even in subpar drainage and soil retention systems. It advocates layering various products to fill the bed.

How To Create The Base For Your Garden Bed?

A thin layer of cardboard can be used as the foundation. This layer may take up 5% of the overall bed. The bed must be filled to the top with a layer of wood materials. Most often, hardwoods are advised. Hardwoods have a slow decomposition rate and can retain water for longer.

The most common types of wood used for this are oak, maple, cottonwood, and willow. 10% more plant and kitchen waste should be layered on the wood. Leaves and grass clippings are included in this. Compost has to be added to the remaining 10% of the area. Mixing this compost with inexpensive soil is advised. Organic soil of a high standard should cover the remaining space.

Using soil for entire beds is more expensive than this arrangement. This method of soiling a garden is incredibly flexible. This supports various plants, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You will achieve the finest results if your plants can be matched with other growing conditions. Every day, our staff works to make our methods better. We are attempting to combine technology with nature to attain the greatest results.

Use The Following Cutting-Edge Gardening Techniques To Build Your Raised Garden Bed:

Numerous clients tell us they don’t have enough room for our huge beds. Therefore, we are arriving with mobile elevated garden beds. It will require less room. It is also a very sophisticated technique for gardening and may be used to develop a garden area easily. Additionally, you’ll be able to maximize the produce from your garden.


Do you think this sounds interesting? Well then, now you can grow your plants and vegetables in your chosen raised garden. Book your raised garden boxes for sale as soon as possible before it is gone, and start effortlessly growing your plants.