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How to choose a company name: generators

Choosing a company name is one of the important points at the initial stage of creating a company, it will require close-knit teamwork, and therefore naming should be treated responsibly.

It is the name of the company that will represent it on the market, distinguish it from competitors, because the company by its name will be recognizable among consumers.

When choosing a name, you need to pay attention to important factors:

  1. Analysis of the market, its product. The company name should reflect the essence of the company’s product or service. Because at the sight of the brand name, the consumer must represent the product or service provided by the company.
  2. Abstractly imagine your name, how it will look, how it will be perceived by the future audience.
  3. Choice of options. From a variety of name options, you need to choose exactly the option that best matches what will become the brand and face of the company in the future. Because this name will serve throughout its existence and even after it, leaving pleasant memories for consumers.

There are many ways to choose a name for a company:

  1. In some cases, the manager already has at least some idea about the name of your company or abbreviation. You can use it if there are no similar company names on the market, so as not to repeat.
  2. You can use the owners’ names or surnames. Let’s take as an example the names that have already been created by the brand, such as: SOKOLOV, jewelry company.
  3. Take several surnames as a basis if there are two or more founders. Or a combination of two or more words related to the company.
  4. Use of geographical objects under the company name. This will give an idea of the company’s belonging to a certain region.
  5. Alliteration. The repetition of the same words is similar to versification. It will be easy to remember by consumers and easy to pronounce.
  6. Using online name generators. This is the easiest and most accessible way for everyone to choose a name for a company, with which, without requiring special skills, you can choose an original and unique name for your company. In order to create a name on an online generator, you need to set the necessary parameters, so the generator itself will offer you many options, among which you will need to choose the name that suits you.

We offer you the Turbologo name generator, which will help you choose a name for your company in a short time. In the Turbologo name generator there are many name options indicating the necessary parameters of your company, such as the field of activity, region, words that you would like to see in the name, choose how many words you would like the name to consist of, you can easily choose the name among the suggested options. After all, there are 5 generators in the Turbologo name generator that will help you choose exactly the right name for your company.


Undoubtedly, the name should reflect the essence, at the same time be easy to remember, the perfect personification of your goods or services, become a brand in the future, presenting your product on the market, paving your way to the top of success.