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How to choose the right pool installation company in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital and most crowded city in the Australian territory of Victoria and the second most congested city in Australia. Melbourne has a populace of 4.9 million people as of 2016, making it one of the most extensive urban areas on Earth. Its average resident population alone makes up 37% of Victoria’s and 24% of Australia’s total count.

If you want a pool installation in Melbourne, you should be sure that the company you choose is reliable and professional. The right company will help you choose the perfect design and ensure quality materials for your new swimming pool. Below are some things you should remember when choosing the right pool installation company.

Choose the right company.

Before you hire a pool installation company, it’s essential to do your research. Many pool installation companies will give you the impression that they are experienced and qualified when they are not. To avoid being misled by any company, you should follow these steps before hiring them:

  • Check credentials. When looking at resumes and qualifications, check if they have relevant experience and are certified by professional organisations such as Pools Australia or Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA).
  • Ask for references from previous customers who had similar jobs done by them so that you can check if their quality matches what was promised in their proposal. If possible, call previous clients on the phone because this will give more insight into how satisfied customers are with their workmanship rather than relying solely on what others have written about them online, which may be biased due to promotional reasons like writing positive reviews after receiving a discount from sales staff at some point in time.”
Good quality materials

You should also check that the company is using quality materials. You can do this by looking at their website or by asking for a catalogue of their products. See if there are any consumer reviews about the company, which can give you an idea of how good their service is and whether or not they use quality materials.

If you want to ensure your pool won’t leak, ask the installer to put in a liner instead of concrete walls or tiles on top of concrete walls. Liners tend to last longer and don’t require as much maintenance as other pools because they don’t have cracks where dirt could get into them.

Warranty on offer

When choosing a company for pool installation in Melbourne, it is essential to pay close attention to the warranty that comes with the installation. The length of time covered by the warranty should be considered, as what parts are covered in case something goes wrong with your pool during this period.

It is also important that you know who covers any problems with your pool during this period and how they will deal with them. You need to see if you will be responsible for some expenditures or if your installation firm will handle everything if a problem occurs while the product is still covered by warranty.

Look at the company’s previous work.

If you are considering a pool installation in Melbourne, you must look at some of their earlier projects. It will give you an idea of how they work and what they can do for you. You should look at the quality of their work, the materials they use and the design of their pools. You will also want to know how must it costs to install a pool on your property.


When you choose to install a swimming pool in Melbourne, it will be with you for the next 20 years or more. You must select the right company and get all the right things done so that it looks great and works well, now and in the future. After reading this guide, you should be confident about choosing the right pool installation company for your backyard.