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NEET 2022 Preparation: Apply These Techniques to Improve Study Strategies

NEET 2022 is just around the corner. Preparing for any examination, board exam or competitive test can be as stressful when there is a lot to cover and not enough time. While some students manage to set up an organised and structured plan and stick to their routine, many others end up having less time in hand and stressed out.

Dates for NEET 2022 are to be announced anytime now, soon after which the official authorities for NEET, the NTA (National Testing Agency), conducts the NEET registration process in the online mode. Whether you have too much to read in less time or have covered reading concepts and are taking in the pressure, this article will help you, regardless. This article discusses important preparation tips that will help you improve and take your preparation notches higher.

Improve Your NEET 2022 Study Strategies with These Tips

Learning a part of daily routine

Make it a point to learn, study each day. Do not simply study the course material a few days prior to the test. Spend at least 30 minutes daily to study and assess; this way, you not only end up assessing your short-term memory, but you are also repeating information till you know that you can get it right, always.

Before the actual examination day, take a small test of the course material or syllabus well in advance. Treat it the same way you would treat them had the questions from the topic appeared in the actual examination.

Emphasis on note-making

If you have enough time in hand, consider framing your own notes. This strategy will be definitely up your game. This is because, at times, the information you write and interpret from textbooks or course material tended to be retained for longer and understood at a quicker pace. Notes do not have to be verbatim with reference to your study material for NEET 2022. Try simplifying notes, concise as much and let it be structured as per topics ordered in the syllabus. Ensure to include the important keywords.

Before linking concepts, learn them separately

In view of saving time, most students tend to commit this mistake. The syllabus of NEET, as we all know, is vast, covering 97 chapters. Students are advised to link and correlate concepts from different chapters in the scope of the syllabus in order to better understand them. However, before one does this, ensure to have fully and thoroughly understood the fundamentals of individual concepts per se.

Once the basics are well comprehended, you can correlate with relevant topics, integrate and build upon them. Hence, before you move to the subsequent level of understanding, content must be well learnt. This is why it is all the more important to quickly skim through your notes and try answering questions right away.

Don’t study to memorise but understand

Most students aim at covering the syllabus and quickly check if they can answer questions on it, regardless of whether they have understood the topic or not. If all you do is read from notes and textbooks, you will then only gain a passive familiarity with it. When you attempt to learn from your study material, focus on following the set pattern, the topics to prioritise in it, and the important information which could likely appear in the examination.

You must read a topic in such a way that you practise explaining it and applying it to different and any given situations. This particularly is helpful as questions are at times framed in a different scenario altogether, which you have never faced and requires your analysis.


It is important to frequently assess yourself to gauge your learnings and understanding. While testing, keep your answer script away and be true to yourself. Try answering by giving accurate, clear and brief but full explanations, whatever is retained in your memory.

If you are not aware of a topic on which a question is asked, revisit it after you have answered questions to which answers are known. Once you revisit, try understanding and attempting the question to the best of your ability. This way, when you evaluate your answer booklet, you will be reminded of your efforts of how far and close you could come with answers. After having done this, picking up the new concept to learn would be relatively easier.

Repeat the same with figures or diagrams to ensure recreating it from your memory with all the details intact and steps labelled. Practising from scratch helps better understand. This was brief on improving study strategies during your NEET 2022 preparation. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel for related content on NEET.