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Safety and Problems Involved in Thermage Treatment

Lately, non-surgical skin tightening procedures like Thermage are becoming more common. They are famous for being quick, pleasant, and frequently providing better looks with no bruises and no recovery time.

Patients are frequently hesitant to choose Thermage therapy though since they fear it can have negative side effects.

热玛吉 and other comparable procedures employ radiofrequency technology to improve the skin without surgery. It has gained increasing popularity in recent years as more prominent celebrities have used it and have praised its advantages.

The treatment is safe the only need is that a board-certified, skilled cosmetic surgeon performs it.

Effective treatment administration requires a doctor with extensive experience. The aesthetic crew at The Retens has the knowledge and expertise needed to carry out the Thermage process both safely and successfully.

How Safe is Thermage Therapy?

  • Thermage therapy is safe when administered by a licensed medical professional, and there are often no serious adverse effects.
  • There is a very low incidence of transient and mild side effects with Thermage, which the FDA has approved for aesthetic purposes.
  • The safety of the patient is guaranteed when radiofrequency is employed in non-surgical skin-tightening procedures that have FDA approval.
  • Non-surgical radiofrequency treatments will not injure you if you are a good candidate for the procedure and an expert practitioner performs the treatment correctly.
  • Thermage Therapy and other comparable FDA-approved technologies use technology that allows the practitioner to keep an eye on the machine and regulate how much radiofrequency is exposed to the patient.
  • It makes sure that during the treatment, the tissues that are being targeted can attain the ideal temperature for stimulating the formation of fresh collagen and cell regeneration without overheating.

Possible Side Effects of Thermal Treatment:

The negative effects of Thermage treatments are often quite rare, and even then, they are typically modest.

Some of them are:

· Slight redness

Following a Thermage treatment, temporary skin reddening is frequently noticed. Only a few hours pass after the treatment before it is gone.

· Swelling

Minor puffiness, especially on the face, might occasionally occur right away after a Thermage treatment. It frequently comes with redness and is transient. It usually vanishes between 2 to 5 days.

· Bruising

After Thermage therapy, bruises are uncommon, and even when they do, they usually disappear within a few days.

· Blisters

Blisters are always a possibility, even with Thermage Therapy Singapore. Moreover, if they crack, scabbing may result. Yet, it is only superficial and leaves no scars. It typically takes a few days for it to vanish.

· Changed Sensation

Transient tingling or changed sensibility over the treatment area is yet another potential short-term side effect of Thermage. That rarely happens and ought to disappear during the coming days.

· Indentations

Little indentations or skin abnormalities can develop as an uncommon but noticeable side effect of Thermage. These dents are mostly transient, although they can very rarely even last permanently.

Although the Thermage treatment is highly practical, risk-free, and efficient, one should nevertheless choose a provider for these treatments very carefully.

If there is any carelessness while doing this treatment, it may lead to the risk of burns, just like with any concentrated energy dose.

Yet, you can reduce the risk of Thermage 效果 by picking the best therapist with considerable Thermage treatment experience.