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Selling your own product at Amazon without GTIN

For most of the products at Amazon, it is the main requirement to provide a product identification number that is addressed with multiple names. For example, you might be asked to enter the product UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, or GTIN and you are unable to advance the process of adding the product you are going to sell to the inventory list. All these names are termed ad the product and brand identification codes. These codes are generated by the serial number issuing authorities through a systematic procedure using the brand name and product name. If you are having the wholesale model, then you need to provide this product identification number which either you can get from the seller or from an authoritative organization issuing these numbers.

Selling with Amazon Private Label Model

In the case of the Amazon private Label model, you can ask for Amazon GTIN exemption requesting that you are the manufacturer of the product and that you don’t have the codes registered.

For applying for the exemption request Amazon Private Label Model, you should have all required documentation which Amazon usually asks for the Private Label registration. Besides this documentation, you should have your brand get registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. Once you get the brand register approval from the Amazon Support team, you need to wait more than 48 hours before going to submit the exemption request for your private label product.

Selling a handmade product

If you are going to sell a product that isn’t manufactured in a factory and made by hand, then you can also file your application for the GTIN exemption. For this purpose, you should have pictures of the product with the prominent features of the product.

If you are selling a handmade product of a brand that has already provided the GTIN codes to Amazon, then you need to provide the GTIN number to Amazon too. You can check whether the brand of which you are going to sell the product is a registered one or not, easily on the same page as Amazon. This is very important to know if the brand you are going to sell is registered or not as Amazon will block your listings if you request the exemption despite the product being of a registered brand.

If you are selling products under your own Private Label or a handmade product, you can sell the product on Amazon without providing the GTIN or any other identification code to Amazon, This is the policy which is set by Amazon and in this way, the GTIN cost would be cut down. If you are going to have a GTIN then you need to pay for the codes. After getting the codes, you need to print the code on each of your products so there is also a slight increase in the production cost of the product. Once you are making the packages of the product, the package should also have the same GTIN code which is on the product inside the product package. So, it is better to have a GTIN code exemption from Amazon.






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