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Social Commerce – A Hot Trend for 2022

When it comes to Digital marketing trends, they seem to change as quickly as the weather. That’s why successful brands often choose to partner with an online marketing agency that can help them stay abreast of these changes. One of the trends that seems to be making a statement in 2022 is the social commerce trend. Here is a closer look at what this is and how it might affect your brand’s marketing efforts.

What Is Social Commerce?

The influence of social media on shopping is not new. During the pandemic, it became clear that brands had to have a presence on social media pages if they were going to reach people, and the number of commercial accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok exploded. Yet, many times customers had to leave their social media pages to actually make a purchase, and that is what is changing.

In 2022, brands should expect to see social commerce evolving so that customers are able to make purchases directly on these social media pages. This trend means they will want to enable customer payments directly on the apps and pages, so the customer can continue browsing social media even after making a payment. The Digital Marketing Institute indicates that Gen Z and Millennials are likely to be the biggest spenders on social platforms and e-commerce sites in general. According to an Accenture study on this topic, they are going to be responsible for about 62 percent of global social e-commerce revenue as early as 2025.

What This Means for Brands

The social commerce trend is likely here to stay, so this means brands that have an e-commerce component are going to want to take notice. Establishing a solid social media presence and making it easy for customers to make purchases through those platforms is going to be essential to ensure they get a portion of this pie. Keep in mind that the Accenture study expects to see social shopping reaching $1.2 trillion across the globe as early as 2025, so brands have to make changes now to capitalize on this trend.

If you already have a social media presence but are not yet selling through it, now is the time to change that. If you do not have a social media presence, you can no longer wait to establish one. Finally, if you do not have a plan for social media marketing, you need to create and implement one, because this is going to be an essential part of growing your e-commerce business in the coming years.

Once an online social media presence is established, brands will need to ensure that they have shop windows on these platforms that convert. This includes beautiful imagery, keyword-rich descriptions, and video that engages people. They will need to be present on all of the social media platforms, including newer ones like TikTok, so they can reach younger audiences. By spending some time in 2022 investing in these changes, brands will be ready to capitalize on this growing trend. InfoStream can help you do so with our established online marketing strategies. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you build and develop your social media shopping experience.