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The Eaton DM1 Powerhouse VFD

Where space is a premium and tight operational quarters are a must, yet a systems manager still needs a variable frequency drive with the same capability as a big box installation, the Eaton DM1 is the ideal choice to answer the call. Designed and engineered to provide commercial and industrial-level power management as well as direct control over machinery systems, the Eaton DM1 provides multiple application options, incredible VFD flexibility in usage, and easy integration. And, even better, the DM1 continues Eaton’s approach towards intuitive design on VFDs for easy adoption.

Big Benefits in a Small Package

The DM1 is specifically built to meet the needs of smaller systems operating in tight quarters or with high expectations and limited physical resources available. That addresses design and features that support intuitive operation and ease of use, physical efficiency, all top grade industry certifications, the ability to maximize energy use and constrain it to production as much as possible (i.e. minimize waste), and provide both a reliable and durable VFD function that can be counted on for years. The DM1 is so robust and resistant to environmental damage, it is rated up to a 50 degree Celsius temperature limit as well as including built-in circuit breakers, ideal pass ratings on both high overload and low overload conditions, and includes coated motherboards. In short, the DM1 is built to take a beating and keep on going.

Energy Efficiency Included

Another big issue with choosing VFDs tends to be that some models are energy hogs. They do the job, but they also gobble up far too much power to be worth the use. They end up being a money pit in practice. The Eaton DM1 goes in the opposite direction. Instead of being a power hog, the DM1 will reduce power consumption with its built-in Active Energy Control, a software algorithm specifically written to cut back on power consumption as much as 10 percent lower than what one would see with an average competing VFD in the same class. That’s long-term savings that even the company accounting shop will appreciate (they never appreciate anything usually).

Double Value with Responsive Support

Seagate Controls provides direct access to the Eaton DM1 product line family as well as intensive support, guidance, design help, installation training and product support. Combined with our specialist teams’ help, companies have implemented changeovers with the Eaton DM1 repeatedly, upgrading their power systems across multiple applications in little downtime and very quick powerups. Not only does the Eaton DM1 product support online provide extensive guidance for how to use the VFD and troubleshoot it, Seagate Controls provides live person help as well. We’re here for the long-term relationship and Eaton family support. And what we regularly find is that once our customers switch over to Eaton products, they frequently ask themselves why they didn’t do so sooner.

At Seagate Controls, we’re your answer to effective power and systems management. Stop struggling with your VFDs and put your energy in moving forward instead.