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What shape of glasses looks best on a long face?

Long faces are quite common facial structures. Also, if you have one, consider yourself lucky because finding eyewear will never be a problem! Longer face structures usually pair well with most eye glasses, so you undoubtedly have many choices. However, cat eye glasses complement long faces the best. People with long faces usually lack width. Thus, cat eye frames work well as they add extra width.

Bold-shaped glass with decorative details is certainly the smartest choice. These glasses grab plenty of attention and easily add to the width of your face structure. Also, while talking about bold and decorative, how can one not think of cat eye glasses? Read on and discover which shape glasses complement long faces the most. The guide has every insight you necessitate. So, seize them and make maximum benefit of your eyewear shopping.

What is a long face structure?

A long face does not mean oval, so don’t be confused. Long face structures are somewhat longer and slightly narrower than oval-shaped face structures. Here the width of the cheeks, forehead, and jawline are nearly similar. However, the overall features appear to be narrower than usual. So, if you have a long face, then the length of your face will be twice the width.

Picking glasses for such face structures could be tricky. However, worry not; we’re here for you.

Try these frames if you want the ideal pair of glasses for a long face.

  • Cat Eye Glasses

The most suitable frame for long faces is cat-eyes. These glasses can serve you the best in most ways. Cat-eye frames add to the width of your face structure, and this is what you need. Picking cat-eye glasses is the most convenient and safe option for these individuals. Cat eye frames have a vast collection with many shapes, designs, and patterns to cater to every need. Also, the bold and decorative cat eye glasses collection is indeed the finest. So, if you seek ideal cat eye prescription glasses for your long face, worry not; they will suit you. Explore the most amazing range to make a valuable purchase.

  • Square Glasses

Another fantastic shape you can consider is square glasses. Sharper edges of these glasses help balance the length and make it appear broader. Further, they complement narrow features the best. Square eye glasses are perfectly wide and give long faces a more balanced look.

  • Two toned Glasses

Are you seeking easy ways to make your face look wide? Opt for two-toned glasses. These color frames make an optical illusion to draw more attention to the upward area of your eyes. Cat eye glasses have a variety of two-toned options. Thus, if you want to pick a frame that complements your face the finest, go for cat eye prescription glasses with a dual-tone.

  • Thick Frame Glasses

Thick frames give you a trendy as well as nerdy appearance. You must have witnessed several celebrities wearing these glasses. Wearing bulky eyewear always adds width to the face structure and gives a balanced look.

  • Aviator Glasses

To note facts, one cannot look bad in aviators. Also, the most striking aspect of these glasses is the wider top and narrow bottoms, which blend perfectly well with long faces.

  • Rectangular Glasses

Another fine eyewear option for your long face is rectangular frames. These frames perfectly add width to your face and suit every style and occasion. Further, they also have sharp edges like the square glasses to complement soft features.

The versatility of the eyewear makes it a spectacular option. So, be it your casual daily wear or a wedding outfit, rectangular frames go well with them all.

  • Wayfarer

Again, wayfarers are ideal glasses for long faces for several reasons. They have extended edges to add width and balance. Also, they offer a very natural narrow look to complement features. These classic frames are the most reliable options for professional needs.

  • Oversized

Oversized frames are yet another striking choice. They perfectly balance narrow face structures and make one appear more appealing. Again, there are a variety of oversized cat eye prescription glasses available. So, pick a pair with sharp angles and perfect width to suit a long face.

Today oversized frames are trendy eyewear options. They offer a bold and playful look that complements both professional and casual needs well.


Long faces complement many frames well. However, cat eye glasses suit them the finest. Also, square glasses are a great option. Explore the finest range at Vooglam to make a perfect choice. Explore bold, elegant, and a wide variety of glasses available with them to complement your face the best.