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Which is the Best Course for Data Sciences in Noida

Data Science is an emerging new course that leading colleges and certification organizations are offering. Data Science can be studied independently or in other fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, or big data. If you live in Delhi-NCR or wish to take up online then read along to get an insight into the Data Science courses in Noida available for pursual.

Starting with an online Data Science course is the most practical method to learn about data science. The best websites for finding online data science courses include Coursera, Simplilearn, edX, and Udemy. One of the best data science courses for beginners is Udemy’s Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp. One of the most well-liked data science certificates offered by IBM and Coursera is the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. Purdue University offers Simplilearn’s Postgraduate Program in Data Science in cooperation with

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a field that uses a large amount of data to uncover hidden trends, anomalies, and insights that can be used to anticipate or make decisions about the future. Data science is a broad field that deals with data and requires knowledge of math, business, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related fields. Students can anticipate learning about various tools, programmes, and Machine Learning methods in a Data Science course.

Best Data Science Courses Online in 2023

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of online data science courses as businesses and the educational system moves online. When students or new graduates do not have access to industry training or internships, an online data science course can assist them in upgrading their skills. Below are some of the top online data science courses.

India’s Top Data Science Programs

The top data science programmes in India are listed and described in the following areas. These can be pursued in order to obtain a professional data science degree in India after the 12th grade.

What is the eligibility for data science courses?

An undergraduate or graduate degree in data science or a related discipline, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science, mathematics, statistics, etc., is required to become a data scientist. Before enrolling, students must review the prerequisites for various Data Science courses.

Top Undergraduate Data Science Programs

See the top 10 undergraduate data science programmes listed by the AIM study. Background expertise in statistics, mathematics, engineering, or economics is a requirement for enrollment in these programmes.

Institute Name Eligibility Approx. Fess(INR)
Indian Institute of Technology 10+2 Not Disclosed
SPJSGM, Mumbai 10+2 Rs. 58.39 Lacs
VIT, Vellore 10+2 7.83 Lacs
AMET University, Chennai 10+2 9.20 Lacs
Navrachana University, Vadodara 10+2 3.15 Lakhs


Techno India University Kolkata 10+2 Not Disclosed

Top Postgraduate Programs for Data Science based on Certification Value

Academic rankings for 2021, according to Analytics India Magazine (AIM)

Employers favor applicants who have completed on-campus data science programmes over those that were completed online or remotely.

Those whose curriculum structure additionally includes projects, internships, and examinations will have an advantage.

The top 10 postgraduate data science and analytics programmes are listed in the following table according to certification value, accreditation, and programme structure.

Data Science Courses by Government Colleges/Platforms

Due to the popularity of data science; government institutions like IITs, IIMs, and NPTEL are introducing various programs in data science. Explore the sections below to find out details about data science courses by government colleges/platforms.

IIT Data Science Courses

Many IITs are now introducing new data science courses in their curriculum for the academic year 2023. The table below lists upcoming IIT data science certifications and programs.

Name of Institute Course Duration Eligibility Approx. Fees(INR)
1. IIT Madras 3-6 Years 10+2 Or Graduate from any recognised University 2.05 Lakhs
2. IIT Roorkee

(via Coursera)

6.0 Months Anyone can Apply 1.15 Lakhs
3. IIT Indore 2 Years BE/B.Tech/B.Sc/MCA/MBA with 60% marks and a valid GATE/GRE/GMAT/JAM score 12.0 Lakhs
4. IIT Guwahati 2 Years Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in Engineering/ Technology or other relevant streams with 60% marks and a valid GATE score Not Disclosed
5. IIT Patna 4 Years Based on JEE Advanced 2023 8.48 Lakhs

Data Science Courses by IIM

Institute Name Course Duration Eligibility Approx. Fees (INR)
1. IIM Lucknow 9 Months Diploma/Graduate/Post Graduate with maths as one of the subjects and 5-20 Years of work experience 2.05 Lakhs
2. IIM Kolkata 3 Months Graduation from a recognised university with work experience of at least 3-Year 3.30 Lakhs
3. IIM Kozhikode 8 months Graduation with 50%(40% for women candidates) with Maths as one of the subjects at high school or Graduation level. One Year of work Experience is a must 1.77 Lakhs
4. IIM Indore  2 Years Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in Engineering/ Technology or other relevant streams with 60% marks and a valid GATE score 12.0 Lakhs

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